NRG: Being Disruptive
 Is A Positive Thing

Love him or hate him, you have to respect David Crane and his team at Princeton, NJ-based NRG Energy for staying on target. Crane, the sprawling energy firm’s president and CEO, has said repeatedly over the past several years that the electric utility industry needs to rethink its approach or face potential obsolescence.

New technologies–economic residential solar and energy storage in particular–are changing the power delivery equation, Crane says, and that requires major changes within the industry if utilities want to remain viable businesses in the years ahead.

CrowdsourceIn keeping with the company’s desire to do thinks differently, Crane and NRG posted theĀ  job ad at right earlier this week. If you know someone that fits the bill, be sure and recommend them–it could be worth $100,000. And for those entrepreneurial utility executives out there looking for a challenge, you can always apply directly. The finder’s fee then goes to charity, but you are still likely to have a fascinating ride at a company determined to help shape the future.

Good luck!

–Dennis Wamsted

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